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The idea was to not make their label too broad and popular, but to focus all of their expertise on something special. Stockholmers Joel Urwitz and Hampus Bernhoff launched the brand Schnayderman's in 2012 with all kinds of casual ... shirts: Overshirts, Oxford shirts, flannel shirts ... And they also wanted to take an authentic and understated Scandinavian approach that is reflected in their collections. More Less
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Schnayderman's casual shirts and overshirts

Schnayderman's: the Yiddish word for “tailor” is an homage to the European roots of both founders, Joel Urwitz and Victor Press. Since their youth, the two Stockholmers have been on the lookout for the perfect casual shirt, but never found it. As lateral entrants into the world of fashion, they benefit from a lay approach, so it is only logical that they took matters into their own hands and designed their own shirts in all varieties. A few years later and Schnayderman's is no longer an insider tip and the collection has been expanded by T-shirts, knitwear, denim, trousers and accessories for men. Some of the requirements that Schnayderman's has and satisfies for the perfect shirt are that the fabric has to feel nice, the fit must be good and the details must be right. For example, they use durable materials such as mohair or high-quality cotton jersey and mother-of-pearl buttons.

Under the current Creative Director, Hampus Bernhoff, Schnayderman's is synonymous with understated Scandinavian style, clean, oversized or even occasionally bold. Schnayderman's collections celebrate being an outsider – everybody decides for themselves who they want to be – but at the same time, Schnayderman's conveys a sense of belonging, because nobody wins alone. Positive value such as friendliness, truth and inclusion are part of the philosophy of Schnayderman's. You can still see that the founders come from very different areas in the openness of their collaborations with brands such as Opening Ceremony, as well as artists, photographers and very diverse sectors of the economy. In line with contemporary thinking on sustainability, production takes place in Europe. Discover Schnayderman's latest collections for men here at BRAUN Hamburg. Shirts, overshirts, T-shirt and denim.