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Designer brogue shoes for men

Brogues are true classics among men’s shoes and have particularly recognisable feature: the “broguing”. In contrast to derbies and oxfords, brogues are less about lacing or the shape of the shaft and al about decorative perforations on the shoe.

There are three main variations of brogues: Half or semi-brogues, full brogues and long wings. Half or semi-brogues are decorated only in the area of the cap toe seam, where in full brogues a fly cap with a perforated pattern will replace this seam. Full brogues additionally have an overlay with perforations in the heel area, plus broguing along all the edges of the shoe. These brogue types can be made as derby or oxford type shoes.

Only the long wing brogue, which has a fly cap right down to the rear seam of the shoe, is manufactured only as a derby type. Long wings or full brogues are not suitable for an outfit with a suit, as the striking perforation patterns have a more sporty flair suitable for wear with a stylish and casual outfit. Half brogues, on the other hand, can be worn with a suit depending on the desired look.

The range available at BRAUN Hamburg offers an exclusive selection of luxurious brogues for men, mostly in timeless colours like black and brown, in suede or smooth leather. Find your own personal favourite to complement your outfit.

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