EDITION – the style magazine
EDITION – the style magazine
The new is created by leaving the familiar behind: In EDITION, personalities who shake up routines, processes and standards have their say. This also applies to the designers whose fashion is featured in exciting settings. They ... all get to the bottom of the question of what style actually means. Is style an attitude, is it distinction or class - or even all three? More Less
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Style is class

Leaving things out is the new virtue; a clear focus creates orientation - and this is especially true for the wardrobe. Iconic pieces become firm favourites when they unfold their effect in their purest form. Not to forget its intrinsic effect, since what clothing does to its wearer is still the most important thing.

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  • Manrico Cashmere Cashmere crew neck jumper off-white

  • Ajmone Leather jacket 'Seta' black

    €1,550.00 €3,100.00
  • PT Torino Corduroy jogger pants 'Slim Fit' beige

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Style is distinction

There is so much now in this combination of colours: black and brown as a duo are defying established rules. Together they are decidedly modern. The dose regulates the tension: sometimes they compete as equal opponents, sometimes only one of them functions as an accent. In both cases a strong statement that makes the difference.

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  • Stone Island Wool beanie navy

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Style is Attitude

Modernity is no coincidence: Those who know their roots know how to change things. Denim, sneakers or bold scarves create a whole new look. But the basic idea remains unchanged: The higher the quality of the individual elements, the more class the entire outfit has.

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  • Aida Barni Cashmere crew neck jumper white

    €384.30 €549.00
  • PT Torino Wool jogger pants 'Rebel Fit' dark grey

  • Aspesi Jacke 'Emile' navy

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