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Ties & Bow-Ties

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Elegant Ties & Bow-Ties

Ties for men are an essential component of any gentleman's dress code. A business suit is incomplete without a tie, and as the highlight of any exclusive menswear, the choice of your new tie is important. It creates an eye-catching accent for your suit or smart-casual jackets, adding sophistication with a pop of colour.

You will find these premium quality shirt accessories made from pure silk in unusual colours and patterns right here at BRAUN Hamburg. Wool ties and knit ties are currently highly on trend. The elegant and stylish extravagance of our ties is particularly captivating and all eyes will be on you. Even if ties are no longer worn on all occasions, they are still a very special gem.

They lend the wearer aplomb and set stylish accents. It is completely up to you to decide which knot to tie: A shirt with a narrow collar looks best with a narrow tie, knotted into a four-in-hand knot – a solid knot that is quick to do and always sits right. For shirts with a spread shark collar, a tie with a broad knot is the best choice, like the single or double Windsor knot.


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