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A Mission of Luxury & Sustainability

Past. Present. Future.

We here at BRAUN Hamburg are very much aware that our actions today affect our future. With a company history of almost 90 years, we are now operating in the 3rd generation and currently employ more than 120 staff, which means we bear a great responsibility for people and the environment. We value transparency, progress and keeping control over everything we do. That is why all our staff have permanent employment contracts – and some of them have been with us for decades and are irreplaceable in our family business. To enable our employees to reach their workplace in as climate-neutral a manner as possible and to avoid using their cars more often in their private lives, we offer them an HVV surcharge that applies to public transportation in the Hamburg area and into the surrounding region.

It is often a lot of small steps that have to be taken to make a big difference: At all our locations, we try to use sustainable packaging and recyclable materials as much as possible. Plastic bottles have given way to glass bottles and for our photoshoots we only hire caterers who use as little plastic or recyclable packaging material as possible when delivering their food. In our offices we have been working according to the idea of the "paperless office" for several years now and try to use as many digital formats and alternatives as possible instead. In addition, all of our technology runs on green electricity, which we purchase exclusively from green energy providers.

We produce most of our image material, texts and campaigns in-house, and keep in close contact with our suppliers and manufacturers, with whom we have long-standing partnerships. They guarantee the very best quality for all our goods: a quality that we will proudly continue to pass on to you, and which we want to link even more closely to the topic of sustainability.

Our way of managing our company with lasting tradition – with pride in our past and an optimistic and innovative eye on what the future may bring – means a lot of work, but also plenty of opportunities to actively shape the future of BRAUN Hamburg in a more sustainable way.

We have taken the first steps, but many more are yet to come. We would love for you to accompany us on our path!

Luxury is Eternal

Luxurious menswear is our business, our passion. But luxury also means longevity – something that we here at BRAUN Hamburg want to make you aware of. Luxurious materials, a premium finish and traditional sartorial craftsmanship – the garment or accessory you purchase deserves the same care by your hand that our masterful manufacturers have invested in making these items. A cashmere jumper, for example, or a bag made of luxurious leather will – with the right care – be timeless and ageless companions, not governed by fleeting trends. Such items can easily become something to be handed from father to son. Investing in a quality product also means investing into the future. Buying handmade, high-quality fashion gives us the opportunity to appreciate the end product more, teaches the right use of resources and leads away from a fast-moving fashion industry. Consumption is good, but with thought and sustainability – always keeping people and the environment in mind.

An item that takes a little longer to be found by its future wearer will never end up in our disposal. During sale periods we offer it at a reduced price or it gets another chance in our outlet.


Short Routes. Enduring Partnerships.

In addition to the many labels and designers like Brunello Cucinelli and FTC, which we carry in our product range and are fully focused on environmentally friendly production and innovative, recycled materials since their inception, we also insist on sustainability for our own brands: VON BRAUN and 04651/ A trip in a bag. All our goods are manufactured exclusively in Europe. All our VON BRAUN cashmere items are made in Italy with sustainably produced cashmere. For 04651/ A Trip in a Bag, we work closely with our long-term partners in Portugal and ensure favourable employment conditions for everyone working for us. In addition to eco-cashmere, we also process organic cotton and mulesing-free merino wool. Our goods are transported on land and only on short routes. Each of our designs is durable, timeless and produced to the highest standards, making them a counterweight to today’s fast fashion movement.

Sustainable Packaging

Our new packaging consists of climate-neutral carton material, which is made using low-emission production technologies. The manufacturer offsets emissions that cannot be avoided through selected climate protection projects. In addition, our corrugated cardboard boxes are printed solely with organic offset inks that are mineral oil-free. The FSC Mix label assures you that the material for our cardboard boxes comes from certified forests, has been recycled and/or is supplied by controlled producers.

We also put special emphasis on sustainalility in our stores: Our customers take their purchases home in high-quality carrier bags made of fully recycled paper, and we are also gradually shifting our gift packaging to an environmentally friendly version. 

Do your part: our packaging material will be even more sustainable if you re-use it after receiving your order, or if you dispose of it appropriately.

Climate-Neutral Shipping

We want to send and receive everything with the environment in mind: that is precisely why we at BRAUN Hamburg have decided to offer our customers exclusively climate-neutral shipping to actively contribute to reducing overall CO2 emissions.

A little tip: have your order sent to a parcel station or Packstation, if you won’t be at home to receive it. That’s how you can help contribute to a more sustainable online trade.