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Relaxed designer hoodies

Who would have thought that the modern hoodie originates in medieval monks’ cowls of all things? Monks were the first to sew hoods onto their garments. In the modern age, the hoodie has been known since the 1930’s. Even though the hoodie used to have a somewhat bad reputation for a long time, it is impossible to imagine modern casual attire without it today. Designer hoodies primarily excel with one thing: their exceptional comfort. Hoodies are often made of

soft sweater knits – with their brushed, fleecy inside they ensure a particular sense of well-being. True luxury versions are knit of pure wool or even cashmere. This fact makes the designer hoodie not only a guarantee for pleasant and relaxed moments; it also shows that the hoodie as established itself in the realm of high fashion. Stylish companions are not just jeans – elegant wool trousers can work well as a stylistic clash. If you team that outfit with a high-class smart-casual jacket, your contemporary look is just perfect.


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