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Jacob Cohen jeans for men

A label that has devoted itself entirely to making perfect jeans: Jacob Cohen has made the denim trousers into a luxurious must-have whose cotton fabric and detailed finish make it one of a kind. Comfortable fit, high-quality Japanese denim and a premium finish make each pair of Jacob Cohen men’s jeans a favourite item.

The term “jeans” is derived from the French pronunciation of the city of Genoa, 'Gênes’, which was where the first cotton trousers were made in Italy. The jeans began as work clothing, made of the material "Serge de Nîmes", or denim in short. Jacob Cohen is all about the denim fabric. They are still a premium manufacturer who exclusively process first-rate Japanese Kurabo denim to create their famous, unique jeans. Innovation is a keyword that fits perfectly to the lifestyle label's collections for men. The widest variety of colours and washes are used, along with a variety of cuts, from Straight Fit (PW620) all the way to Slim Fit (PW688).

The company designers additionally place all their focus on the details. Aside from the high quality Japanese denim which provides Jacob Cohen jeans with their special wearing comfort, each pair features a pony skin label with an embroidered logo. Other notable features include the lovingly sewn chain stitches and pocket pouches that have been tailored out of shirt fabric. Handmade in Italy – this slogan applies to all models in the Jacob Cohen collection. The jeans are both fashionable and trend-orientated, yet they stand out for their elegance. A combination of the perfect fit, first-rate workmanship and the finest fabrics makes the unmistakeable premium jeans stand out from the crowd.

The premium denim label was founded by Tato Bardelle in 1985 in Pontelongo, Italy. It was however his son, Nicola who was born in 1967 that gave the brand its completely new image in 2003. The concept was simple: High-Class-Jeans. He removed any and every element that was connected to or had to do with working trousers and instead created an item of clothing that exuded the term luxury in every way: Handmade, perfect fit, the finest materials and an exemplary finish. Look more closely at a pair of Jacob Cohen jeans or trousers and you will be struck by the many lovingly finished details. Not only the pony skin label, but also the buttons are very special - a miniature work of art, often made of materials like palladium and carbon fibre, and sometimes also silver-plated.

The label incorporated into the trousers makes Jacob Cohen jeans equally distinctive. The care label looks like it has been written by hand. Something else attracts attention to the brand's fundamental idea: "Made in Veneto". In other words; there is no outsourcing. All production is done in the north Italian region of Veneto – "A true expression of local luxury". Aside from the Jacob Cohen jeans in blue, you will find a wide variety of other models for men in our BRAUN Hamburg online store. No matter which product you choose: If you decide on a Jacob Cohen, those jeans will become a must-have companion that you will never want to do without.