Gabriela Hearst
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Gabriela Hearst
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Gabriela Hearst has very quickly managed to win the hearts of the stars with her luxurious, classic designs. From fine wool produced on the family’s own sheep farm to recycled cashmere, the young designer from Uruguay values ... creating high-quality, durable fashions with as little wastage as possible. More Less
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Gabriela Hearst for men: Luxury and sustainability

Life in rhythm with nature, seasons, rain and light: Gabriela Hearst and her fashions are influenced by her years spent growing up on a ranch in Uruguay. The farm, which has been owned by the family for 170 years, is still self-sufficient and independent from the supply network today. Because Gabriela Hearst has experienced living from and with nature, a sense of responsibility and sustainability are the key drivers for her label. New Yorker by choice Gabriela Hearst creates timeless, wearable collections of understated luxury that are made to last for life. From her childhood, she is familiar with the embroidered robes of the Gouchos and the few and by necessity well-designed and purposeful clothes for special occasions. All of these experiences, inspirations and expressiveness flow into her creations: Gabriela Hearst sees her fashions as a statement of quality and sustainability. She consistently uses existing and recycled materials or wool from her own farm, with the aim of creating her own cycle. Zero waste, zero emissions – a little revolution in the fashion business.

When Gabriela Hearst launched her own brand in 2015 with limited edition handbags, she wanted to create the opposite of trend-dependent fast fashion. There is now a long waiting list for her bags and her styles are worn by Catherine, the Dutchess of Cambridge and Jill Biden. Her range also includes collections for men, including luxurious shirts, coats, trousers, T-shirts and knitwear. To guarantee the highest quality with the lowest environmental impact, Gabriela Hearst (who has also recently been appointed head designer at Chloé) works on materials until they satisfy her requirements for conscious fashion. This has led the brand to develop its own innovative materials, for example, cashmere that looks like corduroy. We have put together some special Gabriela Hearst styles for men that you can order in your size here at BRAUN Hamburg.