The Journal
The Journal
A good wardrobe is like a beautiful collection, in which the additions are just as much fun as the inventory. You can also look forward to a wonderful journey into the new season with designers such as PT Torino, Santoni, Stone ... Island, Kiefermann, Neil Barrett, Tom Ford and many more! More Less
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Quality is the value on which everything is focused: Expertise taken to the extreme, this creates icons of the stylish wardrobe that you can enjoy for a long time. Sophisticated and subtle - but still so excellent in all details.

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Eye-catching new silhouettes, a completely revised look. Jackets and coats trump with newness and ensure modernity in the outfit. Voluminous buffer styles meet all-rounders with a noble touch. The key styles are characterized by matt finishes and hidden features.


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Values ​​that are visible at first glance: fashion reaches deep into its treasure chest to seduce and enchant. Yarns and fabrics with quality already woven into their DNA, turned into real favourite pieces by skilful hands.

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