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Car Shoe

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Car Shoe – the Original Driving Shoe

The Italian label CAR SHOE presents their comfortable and practical shoes. The brand is easily recognised by the rubber nubs on the soles of their moccasins. Car Shoe was founded by Gianni Mostile in 1963. His passion for race cars brought about the production of his handmade, soft leather moccasins with the rubber nubs on their base, increasing the grip on the gas and brake pedals. The Car Shoe Driving Shoe design was patented at the Italian Ministry of Industry and Trade in 1964.

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In 2001, the company was taken over by the Milanese luxury fashion house Prada. No longer a subsidiary of Prada since 2014, the company has now been incorporated into the Group.
The innovative, patented manufacturing processes ensure that you will always wear top quality with these stylish loafers. Innovative designs and premium quality leather make this shoe collection a true Italian classic, and an icon of luxury and lifestyle. Car Shoe products are particularly well suited for informal occasions and for a sporty yet elegant, casual look.