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Preppy style – Ralph Lauren polo shirts

The polo shirt by Polo Ralph Lauren speaks for itself: New Yorker Ralph Lauren brought the polo shirt from sport into everyday fashion - the short sleeve shirt with the embroidered polo player as a logo is now an absolute must-have for the sporty college style. The polo shirt is at the centre of every Polo Ralph Lauren collection - in the latest colours and always in high-quality, airy cotton fabric.

The name Polo Ralph Lauren is cult, and is synonymous for outstanding fashion with timeless elegance. The polo shirts by Ralph Lauren are known around the globe and are of guaranteed premium quality. The wide range of colours and premium materials used make the polo shirts with the traditional embroidered rider an attractive fashion theme for each new season. The embroidered Ralph Lauren rider – small or as the 'big pony' is unmistakable.

The well-known fashion designer Ralph Lauren, who was part of the traditional fashion house 'Brooks Brothers' for many years, bought the rights to the brand 'Polo' from Brooks in 1967, which had originally been thought of as fashion for polo players only. In the 1980ies, this fashion style developed into an every-day look for sophisticated men with style. The look itself is an elegant, all-American mix, and the trademark polo rider has become famous around the world. What exactly is the difference between the three popular fits of polo shirts?

The Ralph Lauren polo shirt 'Classic Fit' is the original style of the polo shirt: the broad cut in the chest area, extra-long sleeves, and a wide hemline ensure optimised comfort. The Ralph Lauren polo shirt 'Custom Fit' on the other hand, is cut a little slimmer around the chest, the sleeves are shorter, and the hemline is cut straight across. The latest model range, the Ralph Lauren polo shirt 'Slim Fit' is characterised by a European style, and comes with an even slimmer fit around the chest than the Custom Fit polo shirt.

Combined with dark denim, Slim Fit is most definitely a season favourite for all those who like to mix-up the classic polo look a bit. Long-sleeve polos or short-sleeve polos – polo shirts are a wardrobe essential for young, trendy men, and a timeless and stylish must-have for every season. Find a range of exclusive polo shirts from the current designer menswear collection at the BRAUN Hamburg Online Shop.