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Die Badeshorts von Vilebrequin kommen aus der Heimat aller glamourösen Freiluft-Auftritte: St. Tropez. Sonnenbaden, Surfen, Segeln ... Die ganze bunte Bandbreite des Sommers passt auf nur wenige Quadratzentimeter Stoff: ... Badeshorts von Vilebrequin. Schon die Geburtsstunde der Badeshorts von Vilebrequin sorgte für Furore, als ein junger Mann in den 70er Jahren in kurzen, weiten Hosen aus einer karierten Tischdecke über die Hafenpromenade lief. Der neuartige Schnitt überzeugte ihn, das Material tauschte er aber durch schnell trocknendes, buntes Segeltuch aus. Die Prominenten, Reichen und Schönen waren begeistert und trugen seine Badeshorts in die ganze Welt hinaus. Seither zieren bunte Muster mit Palmen, Blumen, Bananen oder Bärchen die Badeshorts von Vilebrequin. Das französische Kultlabel, das seine Karriere in den Jetset-Jahren in Saint-Tropez startete, erobert auch diese Saison wieder die Strände dieser Welt mit den stärksten Farben und den coolsten Mustern. More Less
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Riviera style by Vilebrequin

Exclusive, colourful swim shorts in Riviera style are the trademark of the French swimwear experts Vilebrequin. The label was named, rather unconventionally, after the French word for a crankshaft, as the founder, Fred Prysquel was originally a car lover and journalist who then decided to delve into the world of fashion. The Vilebrequin swimwear look which was quite new at the time was inspired by surfers. That’s why their signature swim shorts were cut much wider and longer, more like boxer shorts in comparison with other models of the time. The 1971 Saint-Tropez born label is the casual classic for a stylish appearance, for sun worshippers, deep-see divers, children of the summer, divers and people who just love being in the fresh air. The canvas fabric used to make the feather-light swimwear dries lightning fast in the sun, making it perfect for jet-setters and luxury lovers at the pool or on the beach. The brand's maritime flair is visible in the playful prints which include a wide variety of motifs like turtles, palm trees, penguins, starfish and Hawaiian flowers and therefore stays true to its roots without losing sight of the fashion - for the last 40 years no less.

The clothing is however not just nice to look at, it is also an extremely qualitative premium companion that will definitely last much more than just one summer. They are comfortable to wear, offer enough freedom of movement through their cut and material, even for sporty activities on the beach. They also have incorporated details that make them incredibly practical, like closable pockets which provide space for your most important items on land or in the water. Each of the 32 steps needed to finish a pair of Vilebrequin swim shorts have a purpose, it is a meticulous process that results in the highest quality finish that you can rely on. This attractive beachwear is not just available for men, as new ready-to-wear lines were introduced for women and children in the mid 90s. A special “Like Father, Like Son" line for a matching family look was even launched which offers identical styles for big and small alike.

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