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Santoni x Braun Hamburg

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Santoni x BRAUN Hamburg - A Limited Edition exclusively for BRAUN Hamburg

Together with renowned Italian shoe manufacturer Santoni, BRAUN Hamburg from now on offers a very special edition that is to underline the long-standing connection between both companies. It is a get-together full of tradition, an alliance that provides the established options when it comes to shoes, with a unique sense of character.

For the first time, there will be four limited Santoni styles that are exclusively manufactured in Italy for BRAUN Hamburg. Santoni’s artisanal precision and perfection together with the modern design spirit in the BRAUN Hamburg style are turned into a very unique collaboration that perfectly adds to luxury men’s fashion in the realm of classic shoe design. A significant distinguishing feature of Santoni designs, the vivid shade of orange of the insole leather, has turned into elegant navy as an exclusive exception. The shoe sole shows off an understated chocolate brown.

These colours are only to be had in this limited edition and thus are an indicator of the collaboration of these two heritage companies. In addition, the insole is decorated with the Hamburg logo in gold. Customers will receive their new pair of shoes in a sophisticated box covered in grey fabric and with a satin-lined dust bag. This makes for storage just as accomplished as the shoes themselves. Thanks to additional steps in the hand-made dyeing process, the colour of the shoes becomes especially intense and vivid.

The sole was manufactured using a two-level ‘Blake Rapid’ stitching, which is the most high-quality sole construction method at Santoni. In total, the limited edition comprises four exclusive styles: double monks, elegant lace-up shoes and classic penny loafers, available in smooth leather and suede. A Santoni shoe is one of a kind anyway – and even more so thanks to this collaboration.