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Loro Piana

The Italian luxury fashion house Loro Piana was founded in 1924, and its mission has been the provision of excellent quality without compromise ever since. Today, the worldwide largest manufacturer and leading trader of premium quality cashmere and wool fabrics is managed by the brothers Sergio and Pier Luigi LORO PIANA. The French LVMH, a global player in the sector for luxury products, became an 80% stakeholder of the company in July 2013. Loro Piana is one of the largest processing works of cashmere, and trader of the finest wool sorts in the world. The label's collections present timeless garments and accessories for the most discerning customers, who are accustomed to a privileged, yet classic-casual lifestyle. Loro Piana designs and produces exclusive, premium quality garments for women, men, and children. The exquisite products are sold via an own global network of shops, and via exclusive retailers including BRAUN Hamburg.
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Loro Piana

Loro Piana designer fashion for men

You are very demanding when it comes to your wardrobe and expect top quality in terms of the fabric selected and the finish of the item?
Then you have come to the right place with the Italian designer label Loro Piana. This traditional Italian company based in Milan produces top quality fashion. Only the most exclusive retailers, including BRAUN Hamburg, are authorised to sell these very special and timeless collections outside Loro Piana stores.

The flagship products of the family-owned brand now operating in the sixth generation in Trivero, Italy, are their luxurious and unique cashmere pieces. Loro Piana has been producing these fabrics of unrivalled high quality for over 200 years. Today, the company ranks among the biggest buyers of the finest cashmere wool sorts in the world, from which they create premium quality fabrics and luxurious garments and accessories with their world-famous, classic style. The company, of which 80% is owned by the luxury item group LVMH since 2013, is operated by the brothers Sergio and Pier Luigi Loro Piana. The highest quality, natural

raw materials used include luxurious wool and merino wool qualities and the fine hair of the cashmere goat and the vicunja llama. The are sourced from Mongolia or Peru and give the garments an unbelievably soft and wonderfully comfortable feel. The limited availability of these fibres and the sophisticated manufacturing process ensure the outstanding value of these garments. At Loro Piana, the ongoing effort to create the perfect product has resulted – aside from the classic cashmere products – in innovations in textiles like the Storm System, developed in-house and patented. In a symbiosis of design and function, this

finishing technology adds a membrane coating to natural fibre, making it completely waterproof and wind-tight without losing breathability. The fabric remains comfortable to wear. The collection includes coats and jackets, cashmere knit jumpers, as well as shoes and delicate accessories – all of which are orchestrated in a timeless, classic style. The colour spectrum encompasses mostly dark shades of blue, brown and grey. As a result, all items of the collection can be combined perfectly.


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