Iris von Arnim Uomo
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Iris von Arnim Uomo
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Iris von Arnim is a family business that has been staging cashmere items full of passion and in timeless designs for over 30 years. Tradition, craftsmanship, and an understanding of quality without compromise – these are the ... characteristics of the Hamburg-based fashion label. Each season sees the use of new techniques, structures, and shapes, far removed from quickly fading trends. Now the label has expanded to enchant men as well as women with their collections. Pure luxury, value, simplicity, and contemporary masculinity are embodies in the label's latest cashmere creations. Iris von Arnim is driven by her passion for cashmere and her will to inspire her customers with new creations. More Less
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IRIS VON ARNIM UOMO – cashmere for men

40 years of Iris von Arnim designs exclusively for women have been complemented by a new men’s collection, Iris von Arnim Uomo, launched in 2013. Just like the women’s collection, the Uomo line remains true to the brand’s claim and philosophy. Iris von Arnim is a brand with tradition, but never rests on its laurels. Instead, it discovers and treads new paths, while never forgetting its roots. The same can be said about Braun Hamburg, which is why Iris von Arnim Uomo is a perfect addition to our offering. We share one objective, one philosophy – aspects that have definitely helped shape the relatively young collection for men.

The cashmere designs, for which only the finest cashmere undercoat is used, are timeless yet modern because of the innovative production processes used, and can be worn in virtually any context. When products manage to hit on a specific trend topic, then only because the main concern in their manufacture was a meticulous handling of premium quality goods. Iris von Arnim creates pieces in cashmere that continue to develop and mature like leather or wine; and even though the finished product reaches its excellence with the end of production, that aspect is heightened even more when it is worn. The design and production process gives this fine natural raw material its personality, and forms the basis for designing feel-good products with which the wearer can identify. These are jumpers, jackets and accessories you may have to “grow into” to allow them to develop their full character, but will never want to grow out of.

The precious material demands expert knowledge to reach our wardrobes in its perfect form; and yet: the Hamburg-based family business is not afraid to employ innovative new methods and techniques to continue to surprise with exceptional structures and looks. That is how tradition can remain new and exciting and how a classic brioche knit jumper can become a trendy stonewashed model – but without losing its cross-seasonal charm. No other label quite matches the multi-dimensional look and feel, or can create the same well-known, palpable knit structure, while making the most of this valuable raw material.

Here you will still find the well-loved originals, the hand-made one-offs and the unmistakeable quality products. This label achieves the impossible – the hand-knitted jumper, which left our closet only with slight embarrassment has now become a key piece we all add to our wishlists at the top in capital letters and twice underlined. Iris von Arnim Uomo is a marvel of innovation and the label’s complete dedication to unique designs presents that which we expect most from collection after collection: Cashmere in its most beautiful form.