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One family, one inspiration – HERNO

Claudio Marenzi is the creative director of the label Herno, leading the brand forward into the future after now 60 years of tradition and exceptional sartorial techniques. Right from the start, the label based its work on values that remain indispensable to this day: a deep connection with its roots, the search for ever new and better functionality and aesthetics, and maintaining full creative and productive control.

THE NAME - Herno was founded in 1948 in Lesa on Lago Maggiore. Herno, the name of the very first product – a rain coat – was inspired on the one hand by the founder Guiseppe Marenzi’s need to bear witness to his deep connection to his home town, and on the other by the Ebro River, flowing past the company seat.
The added “H” adds harmony to the name and ensures international understanding.
THE PHILOSOPHY - As a brand, Herno is dedicated to a strong purism in craftsmanship –

free of all those tell-tale signs of our “ready made” lifestyle. Only the product itself counts. Its functionality. Its aesthetics.
THE QUALITY - The majority of the collection is “Made n Italy” to satisfy the quality claim of the Herno founders. With this strategy, Claudio Marenzi not only reinforces the label’s quality understanding but also honours his origins. Sartorial tradition, company history and state of the art finishes come together in each and every Herno product.

ECOLOGICAL PRINCIPLES - Due to the close connection between Herno and its home region, the label insists on keeping the environmental impact of the factory as low as possible. A photovoltaic system generates all the power they need, making it completely independent. Specialist, low-consumption machinery is used to keep power requirements at a minimum.

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