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Etro scarves – fantastic floral accessories

Milanese label Etro celebrates the originally Persian Paisley pattern on almost all of its mainly imaginative designs. Men’s scarves from Etro bring colour to your wardrobe with opulent prints, intricate jacquard or stylised faux patterns from all over the world. This transforms Etro men’s scarves in pure, smooth cashmere, silk or linen from a warm accessory into the highlight of a style-conscious look in every season.

An Etro scarf for men gives your look a bold and colourful upgrade that radiates dandy-esque nonchalance. The colourful decorative patterns, especially Etro’s signature look - the paisley design - add a splash of colour that lifts every look. However, you can indulge yourself with more than just the rich, hand-painted designs of the scarves. They are also a treat for your sense of touch: Fine, soft scarves made of silk, cashmere, wool or linen deliver carefree lightness or warm comfort, whatever the season. An airy Etro silk scarf or a lightweight, printed scarf in spring and summer; a warm wool or cashmere scarf in the cool season: Worn casually draped around your neck or tied, make an individual statement and feel the luxury of high-quality natural materials with scarves from Etro.

During an interview, Kean Etro, creative director of the Etro men’s range, said that he always takes a few bulbs with him on walks that he plants along the way. Some time later, the flowers will then pop up in unexpected places. It’s an idea that fits in not only with the ever-surprising and imaginative patterns from the Milanese women’s and menswear label, but also with the philosophy of sustainability. By using natural fibres, plant dyes and local production, Etro is always working on minimising its water consumption and making the best use of resources. Kean Etro is especially proud of the regional focus and the natural Italian feeling for style - and so he should be! Imagination and inspiration from natural colours and shapes, as well as the ethnological archives take centre stage in Etro scarves.

That’s why Etro scarves are decorated with paisley, ethnic motifs or floral tendrils and at times a combination of them all. Pegasus, the winged horse from Greek mythology, also always finds his way into the designs as a logo. Although Etro designs are mainly vibrant and colourful in bold blue, red, purple and multi-coloured, the collections also feature muted tones such as cream or navy. That means there is something for every dependable look - whether worn casually with a T-shirt or elegantly with a suit. Browse the range of Etro scarves in our BRAUN Hamburg online store and update your look with a hint of etro-esque extravagance.