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Common Projects

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Common Projects

EXCLUSIVE, MODERN SNEAKERS: It all began with the first sneakers collection: Prathan Poopat and Flavio Girolami, founders of the American premium label Common Projects, designed their very first products in 2004 in New York. The special combination of casual streetstyle influences and high-end finish, plus many of the manufacturing steps “Made in Italy” reflect contemporary zeitgeist to perfection.

The clean designs come with an undercurrent of creativity that adds that special something to each individual model, so that even the most purist of sneakers will never look boring. In addition to the uncompromising finish, Common Projects sneakers feature top quality materials like Italian nappa leather. This unrivalled quality offers the wearer of Common Projects sneakers top class comfort at all times.

An unmistakeable and at first glance visible characteristic of the label is the golden serial number indicating the style, size and colour, making each model absolutely iconic. The label started exclusively with the production of sneakers, namely the plain white Achilles, but Common Projects has long since expanded into other territories.

Robust boots and lace-ups with a sporty-contemporary flair complement the designer label’s range today. The purist-minimalist label has stayed the course in terms of understated colours, although the range of predominantly white, grey and black footwear is occasionally interspersed with more vibrant colours like bright red. Discover the premium label sneakers brand at the BRAUN Hamburg Online Shop.