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CLOSED jeans: Sustainable, fair, individual

The label Closed has been setting standards for denim since 1978: Its founders are considered to be the inventors of the stone-washed process. Closed men’s jeans now combine the best of tradition and innovation: With handmade details, unique design and the constant pursuit of sustainable and fair production, Closed jeans are always ahead of their time.

Everything at Closed started with jeans: French fashion designers Marithé and François Girbaud wanted to start Italy’s first denim label. After some initial difficulties with the brand name, Closed was chosen in 1978. Since then, the two founders have invented the stone-washed process, the patented ‘X-Pockets’ for trousers and the ‘pedal pusher’ model – these exclusive innovations have helped the label to achieve global success. University friends Gordon Giers, Til Nadler and Hans Redlefsen have been running the company for ten years, and have brought together the best skills from France, Italy and Germany following years of experience abroad: Creativity, craftsmanship and tradition.

Innovation is still high on the list of priorities at Closed, but the label always stays true to itself: It never stops seeking to make improvements, especially when it comes to sustainability. Closed’s aim is to take its ecofriendliness as far as possible. Over 80% of Closed jeans are produced in Europe. Each pair of trousers is handmade in Italy, where manufacture is still constantly being refined with the several generations’ worth of know-how. The label values the best quality even for details such as buttons. Closed doesn’t make any compromises when it comes to transparency about the origins of its resources. From cotton to labels, Closed works together closely with its producers and dedicates itself to the highest standards for quality, ethics and environmental performance.

Closed still leads the way in the art of the washed look. Closed men’s jeans are given the authentic used look and distressed details by hand. The highly individual worn look occurs naturally over time with wear. Closed jeans fit their wearer perfectly and take on unique features of wear, including lightening of the denim over its lifespan. To get the longest possible enjoyment out of your jeans, it is best to wash them at a low temperature and inside out. This will prevent them from fading too quickly. Raw denim, i.e. dark, untreated jeans, should be professionally cleaned to preserve their original colouring.

Closed men’s jeans are trendy, individual and sustainable. In used or raw wash, blue, grey or black, short, wide or slim fit: Fashion from Closed always has its finger on the pulse and can always be combined to create new styles. Shop your favourite jeans from Closed for contemporary denim styles in our BRAUN Hamburg online store.