EDITION Vol. 8 – The Style Magazine
EDITION Vol. 8 – The Style Magazine
A look into the future: fashion designers dare to do it – time and again. With their next collection, they are always one step ahead of the world. For the latest issue of EDITION magazine, we have also spoken with visionaries, ... creatives and entrepreneurs who dare to make optimistic predictions. Let yourself be inspired by tomorrow's ideas and looks of our style magazine. More Less
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A good purchase is as simple as can be: when emotion and mind say yes, head and gut are satisfied. Surrender to the impulse of seduction and find a thousand good arguments why this desire never turns into regret.
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  • Boglioli Suit 'K.Travel' navy

  • Tom Ford Crew neck T-shirt white

  • Colombo Cashmere coat black

  • Santoni Chelsea boots dark brown

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The style evolution of every good wardrobe classic. Exceptional craftsmanship skilfully brings out the fashion refinements. Sophistication is the order of the day – and yet every outfit has that one subtle highlight that captures the eye.
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  • Boglioli Jersey smart-casual jacket navy

  • Colombo Baby cashmere turtleneck jumper light grey

  • Incotex Cotton trousers 'Slim Fit' navy

  • Santoni Chelsea boots dark brown

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The business card of every outfit: waistcoats, jackets and coats are the fashionable spearhead of the wardrobe. They stand for affiliation and distinction at the same time, a code that can only be deciphered by connoisseurs.
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  • Etro Blouson navy patterned

  • Finamore Flannel shirt 'Sergio Gaeta' shark collar navy

  • PT Torino Chinos 'Master Fit' dark navy

  • Common Projects Chelsea boots black

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Division, stitch pattern, structure, colours – those who design knitwear have endless possibilities to give their own signature to a fibre that has been used for centuries. How an inconspicuous raw material is transformed into a handcrafted work of art seems like a small miracle every time. In the case of wool, this fascination meets function, because to this day the wearing comfort of the natural fibre is unrivalled.
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  • 04651/ A trip in a bag Cashmere turtleneck jumper 'The Turtle' brown

  • Officine Creative Penny loafers 'Vine 1' dark brown

  • Lanvin Cargo trousers navy

  • Brunello Cucinelli Cashmere cardigan light brown

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Brunello Cucinelli


Luxury succeeds when the ego stands back: because he raises a monument to qualities and materials instead of building one for himself, Brunello Cucinelli creates everlasting classics. The pursuit of ultimate quality has long since become the brand's characteristic signature.
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  • Brunello Cucinelli Wool jacket navy

  • Brunello Cucinelli Cashmere turtleneck jumper light grey

  • Brunello Cucinelli Jeans 'Traditional Fit' grey

  • Brunello Cucinelli Suede down gilet brown

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