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Streetwear from Scandinavia: Copenhagen label Wood Wood has been taking inspiration for its functional collections from subcultures, music and sport since 2002. Its playful approach to expression and style is reflected in prints ... and styles that are often created in exclusive collaborations with trendy pop culture brands. More Less
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Contemporary Streetwear from Wood Wood

Born of the 1990s Copenhagen graffiti scene, Wood Wood has since become one of the hippest Scandinavian labels for creatives. When Karl-Oskar Olsen and Brian SS Jensen founded the brand in 2002, it was still intended as a project for friends. Over time, what started out as very playful designs became more cleaner and more sophisticated, but were still urban, alert and sporty styles for men and women. Wood Wood collections quote or pick up on pop culture, music and art influences – like a response to current events, says Olsen. The latest music and fashion should preferably inspire each other. Since both founders grew up in Roskilde, where the legendary festival of the same name takes place, their love for and affinity with music is, so to speak, self-explanatory. For example, on the Wood Wood homepage you can listen to the latest set created in collaboration with DJ friends. Wood Wood fashion contrasts opposites and unites an iconic and expressive pictorial language with function and form. This is how Wood Wood combines high fashion and art, youth culture and fashion, music and streetwear. Karl-Oskar Olsen says that Wood Wood customers are looking for good quality and originality and Wood Wood’s designs absolutely tick these boxes.

Even the label’s name, Wood Wood, is inspired by pop culture, in this case by a film. Olsen relates that, because the first Wood Wood shop was covered with wood, they initially wanted to call their new brand ‘Wood’. But because they liked the character of Jimmy Two Times from the film 'Goodfellas' so much, they just doubled the word 'Wood', with a double W as the logo. Wood Wood stores can now be found in Berlin, London, Aarhus and Copenhagen and the T-shirts, hoodies, jackets, sweatshirts, sneakers and accessories are available in selected shops, including BRAUN Hamburg. There are regular collaborations with both small and world famous brands, including Lego, Disney and Adidas. One of the brand’s long-term objectives is sustainability. According to Olsen, businesses have no choice but to think about the future. Individual collections have already been entirely made in Europe and this topic is becoming more important at Wood Wood with a specific objective.

Basics from the 'Double A' line are as much part of the Wood Wood assortment – for example the relaxed regular fit T-shirt 'Ace', the chinos 'Marcus' or the hooded jumper 'Ian' – as the expressive styles. Combine with a casual cap, jeans and sneakers to get the perfect urban Wood Wood style. It's easy to order men's T-shirts from Wood Wood here in the BRAUN Hamburg online shop.