Giorgio Armani
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Giorgio Armani
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With clear, elegant cuts and innovative twists, self-made man Giorgio Armani worked his way up to the highest spheres of the fashion Olympus. The Italian designer himself creates the styles of his eponymous label, which are ... influenced by classic menswear as well as oriental details, and lends them his personal signature with an infallible stylistic confidence. More Less
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Giorgio Armani for men: Luxurious elegance

He is regarded as one of the greatest Italian fashion designers in the world. Giorgio Armani uses his own hands to create a unique style that has brought him the fame he deserves. His classic puristic and understated elegance changed fashion.

Who is Giorgio Armani?

Having come from a humble background, Giorgio Armani found his way into the fashion industry via a circuitous route. Born in 1934 in Piacenza/Northern Italy as the son of haulier Ugo Armani and his wife Maria Raimondi, he only just managed to escape an aerial bombardment during the war. After starting to study medicine and a period of service in the military, he went to work as a window dresser and then as the manager of the men’s department of a major fashion house in Milan. From there, Nino Cerruti employed him as a men’s fashion designer on the spot – without him ever having learned this trade. During the 1970s, Sergio Galeotti convinced his partner of many years, Giorgio Armani to establish his own design studio and his own brand. Armani’s elegant style in muted colours became his trademark as did his own appearances in a simple, dark blue T-shirt that showed off his muscular arms. This interplay between strength and restraint could also be the secret that marks out Armani fashion. He is a perfectionist whose mission in life is work and aesthetics. Giorgio Armani succeeds in creating timeless designs that have been pared down to the essentials, but without copying past styles. Over the years, he has influenced how people dress, for example by slightly changing the cut of a smart-casual jacket and giving it more lightness and a new silhouette by leaving out the lining. An Armani suit in luxurious, flowing fabrics is an investment for life.

Unmistakeable Armani men’s fashion is even legendary on the big screen: Hollywood stars such as Richard Gere in “American Gigolo”, Leonardo diCaprio in “The Wolf of Wall Street” and Brad Pitt in “Inglorious Basterds” all cut a fine figure in Armani. His collaboration with his friend Eric Clapton also contributed to Armani’s popularity. Along with fashion, Armani’s collections also include cars, uniforms, fragrances, a smartphone and confectionery. Giorgio Armani is still the sole proprietor of his business – which makes him unique among the world’s major fashion houses. His siblings’ families are also involved in the financially independent company, but Giorgio Armani has always refused takeovers.

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