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Two acquainted families and the idea to connect eras of masculine elegance in a textile way. Alain and Albert – the creative minds behind the Doppiaa label – don’t hunt for trends. With their designs, they materialise the ... good taste and the curiosity for fashion of both their families. The two friends ingeniously manage to unite generations and even genders, thanks to their love of experiments and uncompromising quality standards. With mediterranean aesthetics, authentic designs and a distinct style, informed by a straightforward character. Doppiaa’s style is highly original, arisen from memories, having found its way into the present in many effortless varieties. More Less
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Doppiaa – style is spelled with a double A

Their families were good friends, which gave the two founders – Albert Carreras, son of the world famous Spanish tenor José Carreras, and Alain Fracassi, who comes from an Italian textile dynasty – the idea of combining their shared love of good taste into a new label. The two As in Doppiaa represent Alain and Albert. Each of them fulfils his predestined function in the company: Albert, the lawyer, is responsible for the business; Alain, the creative, is responsible for textile design.

The two business partners are bound by an infallible fashion sense and a liking for the unique and special – qualities that also characterise the unmistakable style of the Milan-based label. The double A features in the name of each of the label’s models, perfectly illustrating its particular love of detail.

Doppiaa collections are made in the best Italian workshops, with which Alain’s family has had close ties for generations.

The two friends aim to make perfect clothes together, and the result is a unique product that is both timeless and distinctive. Doppiaa’s style doesn’t follow trends. It can be a little nostalgic at times, and keeps us on our toes with skilful changes in direction. The patterns and colours have a masculine, Mediterranean aesthetic whose originality emphasises the character of every man – whatever his generation. Look your best but still be yourself is one of the maxims of the label that is deeply rooted in Italian tailoring.

The carefully selected fabrics are 100% handmade in Italy, in line with the most exacting sartorial standards. Doppiaa’s two founders claim to produce beauty that never fades, perfect cuts and quality that lasts at least twice as long as comparable garments. Here’s another tip from Alain Fracassi and Albert Carreras: gentlemen, wear more accessories!