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Déborah Sitbon Neuberg has been leading the way in environmentally friendly and durable fashion since 2013. With her label De Bonne Facture, she creates menswear that doesn’t follow trends but focuses on high quality and ... sustainability. While many in the fashion industry are still talking about slow fashion, the French designer has long been active in this area and creates elegant understated designs where fair production makes enough of a statement all on its own. More Less

De Bonne Facture: Sustainable menswear essentials

The French expression "de bonne facture", usually used to describe a high-quality work of art or object, sums up the eponymous label. After having worked for Hermès, among others, Déborah Sitbon Neuberg established her label De Bonne Facture in 2013, with the aim of creating fairly produced clothing that is synonymous with timelessness and durability. Sitbon Neuberg actively takes responsibility with her label and sets a shining example. To produce her collections, she exclusively and consciously supports local producers – small tailor’s studios and family-run manufacturers in Europe. She prefers undyed natural materials like wool, linen and organic cotton, preferably GOTS certified. She uses natural dyes or even recycled fabrics provided they meet the quality desired by the label. The menswear brand also makes details such as buttons from natural materials like mother-of-pearl, horn or corozo.

Every De Bonne Facture design is well thought-out and fairly produced from beginning to end. De Bonne Facture uses mulesing-free wool for its knitwear, because animal welfare is also close to the label’s heart. De Bonne Facture has found experts in every area of textile production, such as the French Emo tailor’s studio, which contributes vast knowledge and experience of jersey production. The brand focuses on the materials and where they come from. Transparency is important to Sitbon Neuberg and a central element of her brand philosophy: Each garment has a hangtag showing the name, location and history of the tailor's studio where it was made. 

Menswear from De Bonne Facture is quiet, clean, timeless, natural and fair – "high-end sustainability" you might say. The designs are made with a contemporary awareness of the environment, nature and people. De Bonne Facture is all about clear lines and multi-seasonal styles that are self-explanatory in relation to the slow fashion movement. The natural look of menswear from De Bonne Facture exudes nonchalant elegance. Déborah Sitbon Neuberg places the focus of De Bonne Facture on figure-skimming H silhouettes. She dispenses with patterns and creates a largely informal look with recognisable workwear influences and a clean aesthetic.

If you want to enhance your wardrobe sustainably with durable menswear from De Bonne Facture, made using transparent production chains and high-quality natural materials, then you will find the French label’s collection in the BRAUN Hamburg online shop.

Jacob Cohen X Histores

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Only at BRAUN Hamburg in Germany: The exclusive capsule collection from the denim label Jacob Cohen and the Italian top store association Histores.