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Cesare Attolini

The elitist lifestyle label Attolini is synonymous for Naples' masterful custom tailoring tradition all over the world. The label has passed through three generations of the Attolini family, upholding the brand's claim of exclusive elegance and quality since 1930. "Attolini people love quality, but they don’t feel the need to be ostentatious. Our style is all about being natural, just natural”, smiles Massimiliano Attolini. This label is the perfect choice for men, who love a figure-accentuating style of suit. For gentlemen with a love for details: a boat-shaped breast pocket, and kissing buttons on the cuffs. Also attractive for connoisseurs, who enjoy wearing a "Giacca a Mappina": a jacket with fine pleating of the sleeve at the shoulder. Only the very best Neapolitan master tailors have the skills needed to create a suit of this type, as they are made exclusively by hand.
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Cesare Attolini


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