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Brunello Cucinelli jackets

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Brunello Cucinelli jackets & coats for men

Luxury label Brunello Cucinelli based in Italian town Solomeo represents the highest manufacturing standards and precious garments. Brunello Cucinelli coats and jackets lend exclusive chic to every look and are a prime example of its unique, laid-back and elegant style. Only first-class materials find their way into a Brunello Cucinelli product – consequently, leather jackets will solely be made of velvety soft suede or finest Napa leather according to perfectionist quality standards.

Perfectionist quality standards

Brunello Cucinello always strives for an optimum result regarding every little detail of every product, and that’s why even for linings or decorative elements of jackets and coats, only luxury fabrics like soft cashmere and pure silk are used. However, Brunello Cucinelli jackets and coats are not only made of quality natural materials like leather or finest cashmere, which the label is famous of. At Cucinelli, great emphasis is put on the symbiosis of tradition and innovation, which is why technical fabrics with optimum wearing properties are also used.

Tradition and innovation

Innovative synthetic fibres are particularly suited for outdoor garments like jackets or gilets, to provide breathability, wind- and water-resistance as well as optimum comfort. A high proportion of handcraft is performed during the manufacture of Brunello Cucinelli jackets and coats guarantees for a contemporary look at all times as well as a perfect fit. Since every level of production is carried out according to the highest standards, the discerning wearer of a Brunello Cucinelli jacket can be sure to enjoy his garment for a long time.

Timeless elegance

This is underlined by the brand’s timeless elegance.The colour palette of the luxurious collections is always coordinated in a highly tasteful way and is not subject to any fast-moving and short-lived trends, since Cucinelli represents timeless classics with a contemporary attitude.

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