Baxter of California
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Baxter of California
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Already more than 50 years ago, Baxter Finley laid the groundwork for his label Baxter of California when he was on the lookout for the optimum skincare line for himself and subsequently brought a rich, high-class range to the ... well-groomed man. Products are based on soothing, moisturising ingredients that are rich in vitamins and perfectly complement each other. Since their relaunch a few years ago, the range comprising fragrances, hairstyling products, after-shave and other skincare products has been showing off a contemporary and appealing design as well as new formulas, never abandoning their authentic mission to keep improving your daily care routine. More Less
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Baxter of California: Care products for gentlemen

US American label Baxter of California has been offering head-to-toe care products for men since 1965. Shampoos, pomades, anti-aging creams, peelings, aftershaves, toners, deodorants, body lotions, etc. – the brand’s assortment has everything a man should have in his toiletries bag or bathroom cabinet.

The label has care essentials for all skin types for the morning routine and beyond. They are free from sulphates, fragrances and parabens for a soothing men’s hair and skin care regime. An individually put together range of Baxter of California products enables the best possible care for a fresh and radiant appearance and maximum well-being. Soothing ingredients moisturise and prevent skin irritations. Baxter of California has been making mild mixtures and continually improving its formulae for more than five decades.

The cosmetics brand was born of necessity. Founder Baxter Finley started searching for care products for men at the beginning of the 1960s – when he couldn’t find anything suitable on the market he began creating his own skin and beard care line, and Baxter of California was born. Interest in care products for men grew in the 1970s, so the Los Angeles-based brand kept growing and expanding its product range. Thanks to Baxter of California, pomade experienced a revival in 2000, and scented candles were also added to the assortment to bring a hint of the Californian lifestyle – sun, sand and sea air – into the four walls of the men’s world. Exactly ten years later, the Baxter Finley Barber & Shop opened on La Cienega Boulevard in West Hollywood – a stylish, dandy-esque barbershop with a specially tailored skin and hair care range for gentlemen. Experience the revitalising and soothing formulae at home with products from Baxter of California in our BRAUN Hamburg online store.