7 for all mankind
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7 for all mankind
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7 for all mankind has long become a permanent fixture in the denim market, and an absolute trendsetter in the jeans premium segment. The history of luxury jeans is forever entwined with the name of the label 7 for all mankind, ... which was founded in 2000 in California by the three designers Jerome Dahan, Michael Glasser, and Peter Koral. Do you know how many pairs of jeans US-Americans own on average? That’s right – it’s 7. That is how the name of the small company came to be, and it has reached cult status. More Less
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7 for All Mankind: Premium denim & urban style

Denim: The classic work trousers, simple and functional. Is that all there is to them? It wasn’t enough for the founders of 7 For All Mankind. They wanted to create a pair of jeans that stood out, that conveyed a lifestyle. The three designers, Jerome Dahan, Michael Glasser and Peter Koral, are a leading light when it comes to premium denim. They founded 7 For All Mankind in the 1990s with the goal of making the ordinary extraordinary – with the perfect fit and the perfect style. And with its launch at the turn of the millennium, 7 For All Mankind revolutionised the world of jeans from its base in Los Angeles.

The label’s name plays on the fact that every American man has on average seven pairs of jeans in his wardrobe. The message is that you don’t need more than 7 for All Mankind. The makers also sum up the brand’s philosophy in seven words: “Look and feel incredible at any moment”. From Hollywood stars like Emma Stone, Kim Kardashian and Ashton Kutcher to royalty like Prince Harry follow this philosophy as “Sevens” fans.

The secret of the brand’s now global success isn’t just about style. It’s also to do with the perfect fit. “We aim to fit our jeans precisely to the shape of the body”, says chief designer Tim Keading. “That is why they are constructed like wool trousers by a model maker.” You too will find your new favourite jeans from 7 For All Mankind here at BRAUN Hamburg.