Silvano Sassetti
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Silvano Sassetti shoes are synonymous with traditional hand-craftsmanship, know-how and joy in experimentation. The Italian shoe manufacturer makes its exclusive creations by hand, using its intuition and passion to produce ... classic designs with vintage charm. Rightly proud of its tradition, the label’s name features this claim: Silvano Sassetti – handmade in Italy. More Less
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Silvano Sassetti: Exclusive Leather Shoes for Men

Founded by Silvano Sassetti in 1996, this men's footwear brand is characterised by handmade quality that raises the bar. Based in Monte San Pietrangeli in the Italian region of Marken, the label is deeply rooted in a tradition that goes back to antiquity – but takes pioneering steps towards the future. By collaborating with luxury brands and then producing its own designs, what began as a small workshop grew into an international shoe label with a showroom in Milan. The Italian factory creates particularly comfortable and classic shoe designs. Silvano Sassetti combines skilled hand-craftsmanship with a love of natural materials and modern technology – always keeping in mind preservation of natural resources. Nowadays sons Andrea and Emanuele Sassetti are involved in the family business: By further developing the intricate Goodyear-welted process, they have created their own patented technique. The elegant shoes are manufactured using the Goodyear Flex process, an outstanding finish that gives welted shoes durability. Durable boots with distinctive details inspire nature exploration; smooth leather Derby models convey the simple elegance for which Italian shoe design is valued the whole world over. The Italian shoe label also values natural dyeing techniques that give the leather its characteristic appearance. Experience for yourself the latest men's collection by designer Silvano Sassetti in the BRAUN Hamburg online shop.