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At Mason's, basic, universal values provided the very foundation on which the company was built: the inalienable right to freedom of the individual, respect for nature, and the necessity to treat natural resources with respect. Jackets, trousers, and shirts by Mason's are manufactured from a very special type of cotton, which offers some very unique properties in terms of fit and finish. Another fact to know about Mason's is that the label has always looked towards outstanding historical personalities for its inspiration: Che Guevara, JFK, Ghandi, the Dalai Lama: very different types of men, united by the same ideals of freedom, independence, and democracy. There is a very special kind of quality awareness, which is expressed with different gestures or words, which all have the same objective: defining that which is essential, a short, yet poignant answer to the multi-faceted aspects of life. The ability to stand out as a person, fully aware of one's own space in terms of the world as a whole; developing a sense of style, and selecting aesthetics that best match ever more demanding circumstances: these are just some of the reasons why fashion and clothes will always play an important role in a cultural and socio-economic context. Mason's collections are true to this paradigm: sophisticated and complex, yet understated and minimalist. Aesthetics for the purpose of functionality.
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