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Laid-back creations with a clean spirit, made of first-class materials – the young Kiefermann label from Düsseldorf specialises in designs that primarily focus on one thing: a cool look and pleasantly relaxed wearability. Wool, ... cashmere and ultra-fine cotton turn into garments that are finished with a layered design or undone features. That’s how stylish and contemporary, effortless combinations emerge that embody luxury and nonchalance in combination with the choice of fabrics. Relaxed and cool, definitely not just casual basics for leisure but also an option underneath a smart jacket. More Less
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Kiefermann: Modern and masculine essentials

Founder Alexandra Kiefermann was already successfully running the women’s label iHeart when she noticed that there was something crucial missing from men’s fashion – stylish, yet comfortable, high-quality basics that are easy to combine to keep creating new looks. Her first futile search was for a casual, modern and high-quality T-shirt. Without further ado, she created a brand with a line for men that satisfied all of the criteria of fashion and quality-conscious men for contemporary and sophisticated clothing: fresh, different, but not overdone.

Kiefermann’s linear and mature style is pared down to the essentials. The clean, understated creations show off the fine natural materials used to make them – luxurious cashmere, cool linen, soft cotton, smooth merino wool and the finest silk. Kiefermann creates knitwear such as jumpers, cardigans and hoodies, T-shirts and long sleeves, casual shirts and trousers, for putting together a complete outfit that is not only lightweight, masculine and modern, but also casual and wearable. Casual but well-dressed styles for everyday wear can be created by combining a Kiefermann jumper and long sleeve shirt or T-shirt and cardigan into a trendy layering look or with a shirt and jogger pants or jersey shorts in summer.

The models are often available in different versions, for example with a V-neck or crew neck, that have lovingly been given their own name such as 'Damian' or 'Jay'. As must-have essentials, they can always be combined in different ways. Alexandra Kiefermann doesn’t just value fresh, uncomplicated style and high-quality materials. The fit has to be perfect too – every product in the collection should fit well and look good in every size.

In order to meet the self-imposed high quality standards, all stages of product development, from the choice of fabrics, through knitting technique, to finished product, are carried out under one roof in Düsseldorf. Alexandra Kiefermann and her husband André take a great deal of care in personally monitoring every step in the process, and further improvements are made to the cuts and quality with every collection. Attention is paid to every detail. The neck: not too high; not too low. The finishing touches: a modern rolled hem or grandad collar. The colours: versatile, understated but never boring. Plain colours such as grey, white, dark blue and black dominate Kiefermann’s styles, but they are skilfully interspersed with colours like purple or red. Shop the latest Kiefermann collection at BRAUN Hamburg online.