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Hiltl has been tailoring trousers in accordance with strict guidelines since its founding by Fritz and Hedwig Hiltl in 1955 – their motto: Trousers by the best. To this end, only the best upper materials from the world's best ... weaving mills (mostly from Germany and Italy) are used, which are then made into the final, top quality product in numerous work steps. And where the quality of a pair of trousers requires it, some of these work steps are still completed by hand. More Less
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Hiltl trousers for men

Since 1955 trousers label Hiltl has put all of its sartorial expertise into tailoring the perfect stylish trousers for men. Since they founded it as a small factory in Upper Palatinate, Germany, Hedwig and Fritz Hiltl have always been more concerned with quality than quantity: “We don’t want to be the biggest, but we do want to be the best.” Hedwig Hiltl was even awarded the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic for her entrepreneurial achievements. 60 years ago, Fritz Hiltl developed a trousers model on which today’s cuts are still based. Minor adjustments and improvements ensure that it always moves with the times. Sophisticated details such as crescent-shaped pocket seam seals or easy-closing buttons have proven themselves and are still used today. However, Hiltl trousers keep coming up with pioneering innovations with new creations such as non-iron or thermal-balancing materials. Hiltl collections include classic wool trousers for the office, as well as modern chinos for stylish casual looks in a wide range of colours from muted to striking. The brand’s focus is always on optimum fit in every size and leg length, timeless style and sophisticated craftsmanship. The fine fabrics used for the Hiltl men’s trousers come almost exclusively from Italy and Germany, and the trousers are made in Europe. However, the quality of each individual pair of trousers is personally checked once again in the Bavarian headquarters before being sent to the customer. Discover Hiltl men’s trousers in our BRAUN Hamburg online store.