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How to create an extraordinary and compelling product? The best way is to fully focus on perfecting a single item. The Italian brand GTA ‘Archivi Tessili Generali’ has been dedicated to this all or nothing approach since 1955, ... producing trousers only. As a result, the company has developed a special expertise in the area of trousers for modern men. The Manifattura Pantaloni is an exclusive supplier of high quality jeans, cotton and cloth trousers. It is due not only to the model’s names that the products suggest an air of progressive elegance and a distinctive casual look. The family business is firmly in touch with the latest trends while drawing the experience and values of the past to create contemporary trouser styles. More Less
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GTA Il Pantalone: Men’s trousers with personality

Expertise in trousers since 1955: GTA il Pantalone is very much in the tradition of Italian tailoring, but uses this sophisticated craftsmanship to create modern cuts. In short: Men’s trousers from GTA il Pantalone are perfect trousers that tick all the boxes for high-quality finish, comfort and a contemporary silhouette. The secret is in the polished details that create the optimum fit. These include a folded belted waistband with V detail, the signature narrow jetting on the back pockets and the loop for the pin of the belt buckle, some of which were invented in the in-house design workshop. The subtleties of these trousers for fashion-conscious men even include a loving naming convention, whereby each pair of GTA trousers is given a unique personality with its own name. The models include clean chinos as well as contemporary jogger pants and comfortable trousers in a short cropped cut.

The range of men’s trousers from GTA il Pantalone in the BRAUN Hamburg online store offers an extensive selection of trousers, chinos, jogger pants and Bermuda shorts that manage to be both traditional and future-conscious, thanks to their sartorial heritage. You can perfect your new outfit with shoes, coat, jumper and shirts directly from us. An original GTA will always manage to be the stand-out feature of your look.