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The Gherardi production facility is at home in the breathtaking Tuscan landscape. The region's beauty has inspired the label in its production of high quality men's shirts made from the finest cotton yarns. Gherardi focuses in ... particular on the details and finish of all his shirts. The almost hand-made shirts benefit from state of the art production technologies without compromising on traditional values or quality. Fit, fabrics, the love of detail, and the many style variations are all trademark features of this Italian label. More Less
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Alessandro Gherardi: First-class business and casual shirts

What is the difference between a typical shirt and an Alessandro Gherardi shirt? Following the credo of the Tuscan shirt experts, the difference is the passion with which their products are made and that allows the label to stand out from the crowd. According to the company founder, is not enough to simply master the perfect sewing technique - each product must be given a soul and it must be created with love and dedication. An ambitious goal in itself, but the experience gained over the years and the undivided attention the company gives to making shirts have turned the name of Alessandro Gherardi and his products into a synonym for the highest level of quality around the world.

Shirt designer Alessandro Gherardi has been producing in the incredibly beautiful region of Tuscany since the 1970s, a region that is bursting with inspiration and is most certainly partially responsible for the vibrant lightness present in every product. According to the motto "work in progress", daily work procedures should add to the overall experience and knowhow within the company with ever new research results and technical innovation to counteract stagnation and ensure the ongoing optimisation of all processes.

If you are looking for a perfectly fitting, elegant formal shirt in clean colours and patterns or a shirt made of a casual, contemporary material - like soft jersey or robust linen - in the right casual wash, then the multi-talented Gherardi can perfectly master every style. The shirt in regular or slim fit, depending on your preference gains its masterful cut during the many individual steps of the production process, which to this day is still done carefully by hand and guarantees the most perfect fit. The Gherardi client is a modern gentleman who values an exclusive look, even for the basic pieces in his wardrobe. The combination of classic elegance with a contemporary look is the trademark of the Italian brand. Business, casual or linen shirts: Discover the latest shirt collection from Alessandro Gherardi in our BRAUN Hamburg online store.