Eddy Monetti
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Eddy Monetti
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A family affair since 1887: The Eddy Monetti fashion studio has its roots deep in Naples and its legendary tailoring. Famous celebrities such as Eduardo Caruso, Frank Sinatra, José Carreras, Diego Maradona and Sylvester Stallone ... have all appreciated the effortless elegance of its handmade styles. More Less
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Eddy Monetti for men

What began over a hundred years ago as a small hat shop is now the quintessence of masculine Italian style, in keeping with Naples’ tradition of sartorial flair. The label Eddy Monetti has been family-run since Eduardo Monetti founded his small tailor’s studio in 1887. During the 1930s, Monetti passed on not just his business but also his expertise to his son Salvatore. Salvatore further expanded the business with ties and tuxedos, but Eddy Monetti first paved the way for success beyond the region from 1960 – first with boutiques in Rome and Milan and then worldwide. With Eddy Monettis’ children and grandchildren, several generations now work under one roof.

The understanding of style, art and tailoring make the sartorial creations from Italy unique. Men’s fashion from Eddy Monetti is characterised by a natural elegance that is subtle rather than obvious. To meet the needs of fashion-conscious gentlemen seven days a week, the range of formal shirts, smart-casual jackets and suits is enhanced by jackets and knitwear. The elegant leather jackets, made from supple natural material, are handmade to perfection and have clean cuts that exude this understated luxury. The shirts, which are closer to the body than any other garment, get their cleverly devised design in five steps, in keeping with the art of Neapolitan tailoring. Even the buttonholes are positioned by hand and perfectly adjusted to fit the button. We have put together a carefully curated selection from the Eddy Monetti men’s collection that you can order conveniently in our BRAUN Hamburg online shop.