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Inspired by the old-school glamour of Formula 1 races in Monaco and wild nights in the eponymous city of Casablanca, Charaf Tajer achieved a stroke of genius with the label that he only founded in 2018. Colourful prints on ... wearable cuts epitomize the luxury of a carefree lifestyle. More Less
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Fashion from Casablanca: Eclectic menswear

Parties, racing, casinos, palms and the sunshine of the Riviera: You can see and feel the spirit of up-and-coming label Casablanca in its unusual designs. Large prints of summery scenes, Mediterranean architecture, the black and white diamond pattern, sport motifs and lots of white silk – this unique style has enabled founder and designer Charaf Tajer to become a shooting star on the Parisian fashion scene within a very short time. This creative isn’t even forty yet and has already managed a nightclub, Le Pompom, and has experience in architecture and interior design. For him, everything is an opportunity to express himself, which is why he has now chosen fashion. The brand is a melting pot of cultures: Tajer’s parents met in Casablanca, the Moroccan city with a Spanish name and a French colonial past. He spent his summer holidays here as a child and internalized the impressions of these trips. He mixes his French and Moroccan identity in his designs for Casablanca: the beauty, luxury and slight rebellious streak of Parisian haute couture and the colourful and chic fashion of North Africa.

Travel is also a major theme and inspires collections where he realizes his impressions of Japan or Hawaii – for example as a colourful print on a white T-shirt or jumper. His creations range from men’s tuxedos to jogger pants and from high-end fashion to streetwear. He bows before the large French and Italian fashion houses but at the same time has cleverly managed to develop his own successful style. Casablanca men’s fashion is also influenced by women’s collections: Masculinity and strength on the one hand and soft, poetic facets on the other. In Charf Tajer’s view, these qualities are not mutually exclusive but are even stronger together.

As a young brand, Casablanca also feels a responsibility to sustainability considerations and slow fashion. Instead of plastic, natural materials such as silk, organic cotton and coconut buttons are used for Casablanca hoodies, jackets, trousers and coats. Like collectors’ items, the styles are made to be worn for years and eventually passed on. At BRAUN Hamburg we have put together a hand-picked selection from the latest men’s collection for you. Choose your favourites from the Casablanca T-shirts, shirts and other styles in your size in our shop and order online – it’s easy.