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The label Brioni was founded in Rome in 1945 by tailor Nazareno Fonticoli and fashion designer Gaetano Savini. The founders named the label after one of the most elegant seaside resorts on the Adriatic coast. The brand has become ... synonymous for top class men's fashion and made-to-measure luxury suits. The collections are mostly manufactured by hand. The figure-accentuating and waist-hugging cut is a Brioni trademark. The Italian luxury menswear designer dressed secret agent James Bond 007 in his typical dinner jacket, and a number of co-stars for their parts in the blockbuster movies from "GoldenEye" to "Casino Royale". That is how the label quickly developed into a much sought after and popular brand, in particular among male Hollywood stars. More Less
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Brioni - Luxury Lifestyle made in Italy

Founded in Rome in 1945, Brioni ranks among the most luxurious brands of the men’s fashion world, and represents premium quality and exclusivity. The label was named after the island group on the most westerly Adriatic coast of Istria, which was regarded as the epitome of elegance and elite in the 1930s and 1940s. The tailor Nazareno Fonticoli and the fashion designer Gaetano Savini founded their first Brioni store in Rome in 1945. This is where the dream of Italian haute couture for men began, and with it a successful mix of technical and stylistic excellence. The first fashion show took place at Palazzo Pittiin Florence in 1952. By 1954, the label had conquered the US market and the film industry, finding fame among Hollywood stars and high society. Any of the American film stars filming in Rome – from Clark Gable to Rock Hudson – swore by the "Italian Style”. The Italian luxury designer went on to take over the styling of the costumes for 007 actors in "James Bond" films for the next ten years. From “Golden Eye” to “Casino Royale”, James Bond’s classic dinner jacket and other outfits were all created by the luxury label. That honour fell to designer Tom Ford as of "Quantum of Solace".

Brioni opened its own tailoring school "Scuola Superiore di Sartoria" in 1980 to ensure sufficiently talented young tailors from within their own ranks, and to continue handing down the masterful tailoring of the hand-made products from generation to generation. In 2002, the company was awarded the Igedo European Fashion Diamond Award for superior quality and creativity. In 2011, Brioni was sold to the French group Pinault-Printemps-Redoute (PPR). The company headquarters are now located in Penne, in the Abruzzo region (Central Italy).

The collections are mostly manufactured by hand. Each product is made with the utmost attention to detail, as if it were one of a kind. The figure-accentuating and waist-hugging cut is a Brioni trademark. The brand is one of the most prestigious luxury brands in the world of designer men’s fashion. The secret of success: keep re-inventing yourself over and over again without losing sight of your identity.