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As part of the Ermenegildo Zegna Group, Agnona is one of Italy's most exclusive knitwear labels. With an expertise in the world's finest animal hairs – cashmere, alpaca and vicuña – and their processing, the label has ... recently also been producing luxurious knitwear for men: masculine styles that exude natural luxury regardless of the dress code. More Less
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Agnona: The Finest Knitwear for Men

Since 1953, the name Agnona has been synonymous with fine knitwear that is handmade with an Italian sense of style. Along with timeless elegance and effortless luxury, the designs also have that special twist that makes them unique. The high-quality finish and attention to detail make every Agnona shirt, T-shirt and, of course, jumper a little work of art. Nowadays the luxury label is in the experienced hands of the Zegna clan and even though the Zegna group is no longer the main owner of Agnona, it is still in the family. Owners Roberto and Stefano Aimone are the husband and son of Laura Zegna, a granddaughter of Ermenegildo Zegna. Roberto has been managing Agnona for a long time and he, along with his son, is also founder and proprietor of leather manufacturer Ajmone.

The company started off making wool scarves for other luxury brands before presenting its own luxurious ladies’ fashion collections. Agnona’s range has recently grown to include a line for men. The meticulously selected natural materials used and the painstaking finish make Agnona styles not just elegant and durable but also a tactile experience. The unrivalled softness of an Agnona jumper is down to expert handling of the finest natural materials in the world. The focus is on soft cashmere that is painstakingly selected and combed following the traditional model. The double cashmere used is especially soft, warm and lightweight. Century Double Face Cashmere is another proprietary material. It is refined with silk jersey to make the world’s softest and most expensive cashmere. Alpacas and vicuñas from the Peruvian Andes also produce particularly soft and warm hair – the latter’s hair is even softer than the hair of a Cashmere goat.

You can order the Italian designer’s latest styles online here at BRAUN Hamburg. Find a pair of Agnona trousers, jacket or scarf and combine them to suit any style, either elegantly with a suit or casually with sneakers. Whatever look you choose, you can count on the effortless elegance of Agnona for many years to come.