EDITION Vol. 10 – The Style Magazine
EDITION Vol. 10 – The Style Magazine
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Minimal accents, so on point: Brand heroes such as Ami Paris, Lanvin, Marni or Moncler set discreet signals that are unmistakable: Set and match for good taste.

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  • Lanvin Short sleeve shirt with Kent collar black

    €284.50 €569.00
  • Marni Denim shirt Kent collar navy striped

    €264.50 €529.00
  • Santoni Sneakers off-white

  • Stone Island Cargo sweat shorts white

  • Tom Ford Sunglasses 'Clark' gold/grey

  • 04651/ A trip in a bag '3-Day Bag' weekender smoky blue

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Reduced to the essential, no, even more, to the indispensable. Because this season's suit avoids all adornment, it is more precise than ever before. Every pinprick fits, every proportion is just right, nothing is hidden. This limitation brings real class to the fore. Applause for simplicity.

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  • Emporio Armani Linen jacket light grey

    €433.30 €619.00
  • Chimi Sunglasses '03' beige/brown

  • Brunello Cucinelli Pocket square cream/burgundy patterned

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Stylish, even if everything is casual all around. Knitwear, shirts, polo shirts and shirts to beachwear – and everything has a common denominator: excellent quality. Because that's what makes a basic your favourite.

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  • Maurizio Baldassari Cashmere fine knit short sleeve jumper cream

    €189.50 €379.00
  • Marni Raffia shopper light brown

  • Tom Ford Sunglasses 'Len' black/grey

  • Fedeli Jersey polo shirt 'Zero' white

  • Fedeli Cashmere crew neck jumper 'Dean' navy/white striped

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Lightweight cotton-wool blends, cool linen-viscose jacquards or even soft cashmere. How summery knitwear can be! The grandpa chic gives that certain wink that takes away any severity from fashion.

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  • Aida Barni Cashmere half-zip jumper olive

  • PT Torino Jogger pants 'Rebel Fit' olive

    €154.50 €309.00
  • Brunello Cucinelli Penny loafers light brown

  • Iris von Arnim Uomo Cashmere half-zip jumper 'Connor' black

  • Agnona Cashmere crew neck jumper light brown

    €649.50 €1,299.00
  • Henderson Slippers grey-blue

    €179.50 €359.00
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In every village in Umbria, no matter how small, you can find one of them: an artigiano, a craftsman. The hands of these artists make Brunello Cucinelli's fashion so unique. The Italian cashmere maestro is certain: craftsmanship is a form of art.

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  • Brunello Cucinelli Turtleneck jumper cream/grey-green

  • Brunello Cucinelli Smart-casual jacket grey-brown/off-white striped

    €924.50 €1,849.00
  • Brunello Cucinelli Sunglasses 'Filù' dark brown/dark grey

  • Brunello Cucinelli Cashmere jersey smart-casual jacket navy

  • Brunello Cucinelli Hooded jumper navy

  • Brunello Cucinelli Wool trousers 'Leisure Fit' navy

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The highlight of every outfit: the jacket. It is indispensable even in the warm season, after all it crowns a skilfully combined look. Understatement is the directive of choice. Unobtrusively striking.

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  • Manrico Cashmere Cashmere crew neck jumper off-white

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