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n 1968, Gian Gaetano Orian fulfilled his dream of creating a shirt label with a very characteristic style. Today, he has created an archive of over 120 shirt collars, and his vision is still going strong: from the classic white ... shirt to timeless stripes and opulent floral prints to colourful, elaborate embroidery – every shirt from the northern Italian label is unmistakably Orian. More Less
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Orian shirts for men: Innovative and individual

Styles from Orian Shirts are unmistakable: From bold to classic patterns, the Italian label produces men's shirts with expressive prints. Millefleurs, stripes, checks, retro or innovative: Founded in 1968, Orian manages to draw on archive patterns and to surprise with contemporary designs, while always keeping its distinctive style. It creates a unique vintage look by top-dyeing garment-dyed flower prints with a light shade. Fashionable materials such as denim, seersucker, jersey and linen are also shown off to their best advantage in Orian’s collections.

The business is now in its second generation, and the three sons of founder Giangaetano Orian have set themselves the goal of making the finest Italian fabrics and production sustainable and environmentally friendly with recycling and waste reduction – a pioneering ideal. Made using quality craftsmanship, Orian shirts convey effortless Italian style and an awareness of the world around us. Men who wear Orian shirts show their sophistication and character. Shop distinctive Orian shirts for men in the latest BRAUN Hamburg assortment.