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van Laack
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Im Gründungsjahr 1881 hatte Heinrich van Laack eine simple Vision: das luxuriöseste Hemd zu fertigen. Dieser Luxus äußert sich bis heute in der Liebe zum Detail, die aus den Business und Casual Hemden des Labels zeitlose ... Klassiker macht und die Persönlichkeit des Trägers zum Ausdruck bringt. Ausgesuchte Materialien und ihre sorgfältige Verarbeitung sind die Markenzeichen des Unternehmens vom Niederrhein. Mehr Weniger
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Van Laack Designer Shirts

More than 130 years of experience and know-how in manufacturing men’s shirts for the premium segment have made van Laack an excellent and unrivalled provider of business and casual clothing. Founded in Berlin in 1881 by Heinrich van Laack, the company has become a top name for luxurious men’s shirts. The company’s good name has facilitated an expansion of the range offered to include a knitwear collection, smart-casual jackets, basics, trousers, jackets, coats and even underwear and swimwear, all of which are of the same exceptional quality as the well-known van Laack shirts.

In addition to the men’s collections the label began with, van Laack now also offers a range for women. The objective is to satisfy the most discerning tastes with absolutely perfect products. The customer has a virtually endless choice of versions to choose from for a single shirt model. The options begin with a choice between slim fit classic and formal business shirts and end with casual fit shirts for leisure activities: Do you prefer sports or French cuffs, a shark collar or a Kent collar, classic or bright colours? The perfect fit of a van Laack shirt is just as important as its flawless finish. Each of the sleeves on a business shirt from the exclusive ‘Meisterwerk’ line is sewn in by hand, and no compromises are made in the production of the casual jersey shirts. The high quality can also be felt in the signature Van Laack three-hole-button in elegant Trochoidea or mother-of-pearl that perfects the wearing experience.

This German company has never and will never rest on its laurels – their strategy is to continuously seek out and implement improvements and innovation for best possible customer satisfaction. In order to increase the exclusivity of their products even further, van Laack insists on unquestionable quality in all their products as a unique selling point in our time of throw-away fashion. All fabrics used are meticulously selected and are sourced from the very best Swiss and Italian manufacturers.

Premium quality for all elements of the garments is therefore a top priority from the beginning. All production processes at van Laack facilities are monitored to ensure compliance with the high standards of the brand. The garments are now sold internationally via selected online stores and boutiques that underline the exclusive character of van Laack creations. You can find your perfect van Laack shirt in an extensive selection of colours and sizes in our online store.