• Gürtel Kaimanleder dunkelbraun
  • Gürtel Kaimanleder dunkelbraun
  • Gürtel Kaimanleder dunkelbraun
Gürtel Kaimanleder dunkelbraun Gürtel Kaimanleder dunkelbraun Gürtel Kaimanleder dunkelbraun

Belt cayman leather dark brown


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Modern FAUSTO COLATO belt made of cayman leather

Item number: 9310.76566


An exclusive highlight for stylish outfits: This FAUSTO COLATO cayman leather belt stands out with its signature surface structure and 'Made in Italy' quality – its heavy buckle made of solid brass further highlights this quality. 

  • Smooth cayman leather
  • Brass pin belt buckle
  • One loop
  • Material: Cayman leather, brass
  • Please note: Unfortunately, this item cannot be shipped to third countries.

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This article has the following dimensions.

  • Dimensions: Width 4 cm



To find out your ideal belt size in cm, measure your waist width where you wear the belt and round up or off to the next belt size in cm, both is possible.

A = Width


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About the designer

Fausto Colato is a leading label for premium quality leather items "Made in Italy". The name represents luxurious and in part extravagant belts crafted by hand with much love for detail from exceptional leather qualities. Each item is a little masterpiece and entirely unique. The models are part eclectic, part classic in their style. One thing they all have in common: Each seam is perfection, and any decoration is added meticulously. Fausto Colato is proof of the fact that a belt is not just like any other belt. In many of the models, the clasp is exchangeable, creating a new look for every outfit and style. The sense of perfection embodied by the Fausto Colato label has taken the fashion world by storm. Boring accessories are a thing of the past.
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