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Size Advisor

Size Advisor – How do I find the right size?

The following information and size charts provided will assist you in finding the correct size quickly and easily. Please note that the sizes and fits may vary according to the designer and naturally depending upon each individual figure. We will be glad to provide additional advice by phone or email. Our online customer service team is at your service Mondays to Fridays from 8 am – 7 pm CET!

Our Size Advisor

For many products, you will find a link to our "Size Advisor" below the size selection on the product detail page. A pop-up window of the provider Upcload opens up, providing you with an individual size recommendation on the basis of your personal details as to your age, weight, measurements and body shape, and depending upon the particular designer. Finding the right size in a matter of seconds – that's the objective. In an additional step, you can indicate which size of which brand you normally wear or feel comfortable wearing in order to adjust the size recommendation towards your personal wearing comfort. For example, if a size "M" were recommended, but you indicated that you like your clothing to have a somewhat looser fit, the size recommendation may be adopted accordingly.

Please note that the Size Selection Guide is not available for the product groups suits, underwear, shoes & accessories.

International sizes

Size table

Button-front shirts sizes

Size table

Jeans and trousers sizes

Size table

Shoe sizes

Shoe sizes

Belt sizes

To find out your ideal belt size in cm, measure your waist width where you wear the belt and round up or off to the next belt size in cm, both is possible.

Size table

Gloves sizes

Size table


Please note that BRAUN Hamburg lists Moncler sizes as follows:

Size table


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