Venedig Looks

  • Venezia di Notte #1

    Modern design for masculine wardrobe and elegant evening traditions: The luxurious tuxedo of NEIL BARRETT guarantees the perfect appearance in slim fit silhouette and with distinctive, slightly contrasted details. Combine it with a neapolitan tradition with an elegant business shirt by BORRELLI with an envelope cuff that underlines your stylish outfit with the highest comfort.
    Venezia di Notte #1 Venezia di Notte #1
  • Venezia di Notte #2

    For a sense of style and perfect tailoring: The VALENTINO luxury suit, with a pleasing mix of wool and silk as well as the inner lining with a contemporary camouflage print and the handmade lacquered leather derbies by SANTONI, guarantee the style of style on every parquet floor.
    Venezia di Notte #2 Venezia di Notte #2
  • Venezia di Notte #3

    Magical atmosphere of a Venetian night: NEIL BARRETT is very keen to give his creations his own handwriting, as does the trendy jacquard-style jacket, with a handkerchief, a tuxedo style lapel and the trousers made of microfibre-wool- mix in modern slim fit fit.
    Venezia di Notte #3 Venezia di Notte #3
  • Venezia di Notte #4

    For a festive occasion or simple performance with fashionable standards: With the slim-fit suit made of soft cotton velvet by MAISON MARGIELA, you will get an eye-catching look with a recognition value. Perfectly matched to a stylish evening - The narrow loafers by ETRO made of soft, corded leather with a floral design.
    Venezia di Notte #4 Venezia di Notte #4
  • Viva la Venezia #1

    Fashion-conscious design for discerning individualists: The modern unconstructed suit by ELEVENTY in firm jersey is absolutely topical and incomparably comfortable. Upgrade this urban look with stylish COMMON PROJECTS ‘Court’ high-top sneakers made of fine suede and the relaxed TOMAS MAIER casual shirt and set a modern accent.
    Viva la Venezia #1 Viva la Venezia #1
  • Viva la Venezia #2

    The uncompromising quest for quality: a minimalist and at the same time luxurious design characterises the LORO PIANA ‘Newark’ jacket. The superior material in pure cashmere not only promises first-class quality but also moments of comfort and a sophisticated lifestyle. The elegant ‘Whitby’ scarf is also made of finest cashmere and, thanks to its herringbone structure, will become a timeless and pleasant addition to your wardrobe.
    Viva la Venezia #2 Viva la Venezia #2
  • Viva la Venezia #3

    A gentleman’s must-have: CARUSO uses an exquisite material composition of camel hair and wool from the Loro Piana weaving mill to turn it into a top-class business essential – a slender silhouette and the minimalist design underline the elegant look and ensures a professional appearance.
    Viva la Venezia #3 Viva la Venezia #3
  • Viva la Venezia #4

    For casual styles according to high fashion standards: Create a laid-back yet exclusive look with a supple suede blouson and an R-neck jumper in luxurious, warm merino wool sporting an unusual cable-knit design by TOD’S. The INCOTEX flannel trousers in pure wool feature an original weaving pattern and will keep you warm on cold days while remaining stylish and versatile. This combination lends an individual character to your outfit and is perfect for autumnal walks.
    Viva la Venezia #4 Viva la Venezia #4
  • Viva la Venezia #5

    Warm comfort on chilly autumn and winter days: The cashmere chunky-knit cardigan ‘Chuck’ by IRIS VON ARNIM UOMO is the basis for a luxurious casual outfit, lending your look a very exclusive character. On chilly days, it makes sure you are comfortable and stylish at the same time. The cosy INCOTEX trousers made of soft cotton flannel is a warm addition that is the ideal foundation for a laid-back winter look thanks to excellent craftsmanship and the first-class choice of material.
    Viva la Venezia #5 Viva la Venezia #5
  • Viva la Venezia #6

    An indispensable winter classic in a contemporary look that should be part of anyone’s wardrobe: the peacoat. The premium version ‘Nantucket’ is made by SEALUP and excels with a dense fabric in pure wool and the typical details. The ‘AAlfonso’ turtle-neck jumper by DOPPIAA attains a modern look thanks to contrast yarn and turns this outfit into a real eye-catcher.
    Viva la Venezia #6 Viva la Venezia #6