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This is Hamburg!

  • Moin or Ciao?

    Both fit! This is a combination that shows that up here, in the chilly and changeable north, we can ‚sprezzatura‘, too. Expressive and effortlessly relaxed at the same time – in the typical Cucinelli layering style, we combine volumionous and thin fabrics and are thus prepared for all eventualities when it comes to the weather. The classic shirt goes really well with comfortable sneakers and cargo chinos; thus, they casualise the look. A light cew-neck jumper with linen and the sporty blouson made of water-repellent wool and silk create a harmonious contrast.
    Moin or Ciao? Moin or Ciao?
  • The rain comes crosswise

    From the left, from the right … and sometimes even from below. Never mind – most of it will miss you anyway! Style comes before weather, and that’s why we rely on a relaxed business look. We ignore the wind and the rain and move inside before the precious cloth will be harmed. But after the rain comes sunshine, which will make this BOGLIOLI suit in cotton and linen the perfect choice. A light blue shirt complements the suit with its neutral shade and emphasises the casual look. Dark SANTONI monks create a powerful contrast, and your Casual Friday outfit is ready.
    The rain comes crosswise The rain comes crosswise
  • Like the sun never shines!

    Yet there are rumours it sometimes does indeed in our beautiful but changeable Hanseatic city. Isn’t this the perfect reason to give it your everything in terms of fashion. We choose trending topic no. 1: a popover shirt, and combine it with trending topic no. 2: tropical leaf prints. The DOPPIAA jacket made of light cotton twill picks up the shirt’s colour theme (even though we’ll need this only for chilly mornings). Jeans and smooth-leather moccasins give the outfit a clean finish.
    Like the sun never shines! Like the sun never shines!
  • headwind makes you stronger

    Unfortunately, it is really exhausting, too. Why don’t we compensate this a little bit with a relaxed casual look by STONE ISLAND that will not encounter any resistance. Comfortable sweat pants in cotton and the basic long-sleeved t-shirt made of jersey are real casual wear staples. The wind- and weather-resistant ‚David TC‘ parka, which is a true icon in the lifestyle label’s innovative range, works as functional support if you really have to leave the comfort of your home again. A very stylish combination that is just as comfortable as moving in tail wind.
    headwind makes you stronger headwind makes you stronger
  • Weather as always. More stylish than ever.

    Partly cloudy? Optimists call it partly sunny! We counter the clouds with a city look and summery light fabrics – this helps us stand our ground stylishly in the urban jungle. We complement the relaxed DRIES VAN NOTEN field jacket in robust linen with the imaginative parrot bag. The jersey long-sleeve by MAJESTIC is a laid-back basic for this outfit. Suede loafers are a confirmation of our meteorological confidence that these clouds are not rain clouds.
    Weather as always. More stylish than ever. Weather as always. More stylish than ever.
  • Not a storm … just a little wind.

    Wind by the sea, in the city or in the country – no matter the speed, with MOORER’s Petrarca parka you are equipped for all kinds of it. Even if it shifts and the chance of rain increases: due to the combination of performance and a classic design, we make a stylish appearance at the office. The waterproof membrane protects your business outfit. This timeless style is also the perfect addition for formal wear like the STILE LATINO suit and the FINAMORE chambray shirt.
    Not a storm … just a little wind. Not a storm … just a little wind.