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  • Summer Special #1

    Nothing says ‚summer’ as clearly as linen. The flax fibre with its naturally cooling properties lends its very own look to t-shirts, Bermuda shorts, jogger pants and button-up shirts – which turns it into a defining element of summer.
    Summer Special #1 Summer Special #1
  • Summer Special #2

    Cool in the summer, warm in the winter – merino wool is an all-rounder that transgresses the seasons. It excels with its especially smooth and supple feel and can be knitted extremely finely. This makes it ideal for summery basics that are always with us (in case of a fresh breeze!) and round off our look stylishly and simple. The 04651/ jumper with its small pocket is our summery highlight that is so easy and versatile.
    Summer Special #2 Summer Special #2
  • Summer Special #3

    Sylt in the morning – the air is still cool, but the sun is shining. What we need now is a light and straightforward look that adapts to its environment while remaining sophisticated all along. Bermuda shorts in linen are the perfect basis for a stylish casual outfit. Teamed up with a white T-shirt and loafers, it says ‘summer’ like nothing else. The sporty Henley shirt made of a linen-and-cotton blend will keep you warm for these long nights at the beach.
    Summer Special #3 Summer Special #3
  • Summer Special #4

    Jersey – in the shape of comfortable casualwear, notably the famous T-shirt, it’s been with us for decades, but is now throwing all these traditional fashion rules overboard. However, it wouldn’t be jersey if it weren’t remaining loyal to its original purpose at the same time, laying the groundwork for a look that’s as elegant as relaxed as modern.
    Summer Special #4 Summer Special #4
  • Summer Special #5

    This season isn’t buttoned-down in the slightest! The array of shirts has never been greater and we just can’t get enough of the most versatile of all basics. The classic msde of smoothly woven cotton is not being replaced, of course, but is receiving some support from modern interpretations in linen and soft jersey. Also new: casual popover styles and, very important, the granddad collar, lending summery outfits just the right amount of relaxation.
    Summer Special #5 Summer Special #5
  • Summer Special #6

    As we all know, cotton is the most classic of all summery materials. It will be difficult to find a natural fibre that is as versatile: T-shirts and polo shirts made of ultra-soft jersey, modern shirts with a smooth, cool touch, elegant chinos and comfortable sweat shorts – it is hard to imagine a casual look without the appropriate basics. Premium cotton is the perfect embodiment of the Sylt way of life: relaxed, easy-going, diverse, straightforward with a touch of luxury – just like the North.
    Summer Special #6 Summer Special #6