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Fashion Journey

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  • MILAN #1

    End a busy afternoon in a café on the piazza del Duomo and enjoy the view of cathedral. Show off an air of elegant understatement with your luxurious cashmere cardigan by FEDELI and prove your fashion know-how with corduroy trousers in a cropped design by CLOSED.
    MILAN  #1 MILAN  #1
  • MILAN #2

    Milanese style: even outside the Milan Fashion Week we naturally opt for elegant attire. ELEVENTY provides an authentically Italian look for a day trip to Lake Como, consisting of a jersey jacket and a cashmere jumper – for a sophisticated yet casual look.
    MILAN  #2 MILAN  #2
  • MILAN #3

    Let’s go on a stroll through the numerous little alleys surrounding the piazza del Duomo in Milan. Italian label ELEVENTY has the right style for the historical environment: timeless essentials, such as this blouson and cargo trousers, find a casual partner in these retro-style sneakers.
    MILAN  #3 MILAN  #3
  • MILAN #4

    Surrounded by Michelangelo and Da Vinci, we admire the relics oft he renaissance at Castello Sforzesco. To beat the cold in this medieval building, we choose a shearling coat by Ruffo that becomes a statement piece thanks to its vintage design and masculine nonchalance.
    MILAN  #4 MILAN  #4
  • TOKIO #1

    The futuristic buildings by Sou Fujimoto and Ryūe Nishizawa give us a lesson in minimalism and efficiency, and these properties are transferred to a functional look with a utilitarian aesthetic. PEOPLE OF SHIBUYA provides comfort in an urban design with this jacket in a smart-casual style, while jogger pants and sneakers round off the city look.
    TOKIO #1 TOKIO #1
  • TOKIO #2

    This unconstructed suit with timeless glen check by TAGLIATORE is the perfect choice for umi-budō, okonomi-yaki or chūtoro with colleagues. Its high-precision Italian craftsmanship lives up to Japanese standards – an elegant understatement with a rich history, steeped in tradition.
    TOKIO #2 TOKIO #2
  • TOKIO #3

    Here we rock a cosmopolitan look in one of Tokyo’s trendiest districts and take in the neon-lit frenzy of the Shibuya crossing in a luxurious camel hair jacket by TAGLIATORE. We styled it with jeans and sneakers with a contemporary vintage finish for the ultimate city look.
    TOKIO #3 TOKIO #3
  • TOKIO #5

    Escape from the hustle and bustle in the middle of the city in Ueno Park, which is not only worth a visit in cherry blossom season, but all year round. Unpredictable freak weather can be fended off with this sporty down blouson by HERNO, which comes in a fully functional design in true Tokyo style – the suede sneakers from SANTONI add a matching colour accent.
    TOKIO #5 TOKIO #5