EDITION Vol. 7 – das Stilmagazin
EDITION Vol. 7 – das Stilmagazin
The new fashion season feels like "finally back". Finally, the sun is out again, finally, encounters are possible again, finally, we are getting dressed again. A ritual that we face today with a completely new self-concept. With ... our new EDITION magazine we invite you to rediscover this joy in fashion. More Less
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Cutting-Edge Fashion – so precise in silhouettes, so free in thought. The mix with athleisure elements or boho patterns creates eclectic autonomy. With these styles you will discover the pleasure to attract attention in a subtle way.

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  • Missoni Short sleeve shirt Kent collar blue/yellow/white patterned

  • Tom Ford Sonnenbrille 'Fausto' offwhite/gelb

  • PT Torino Jogger pants 'The Rebel' navy

  • Missoni Crew neck T-shirt white

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Anima Mundi

To be part of a bigger whole – for the Italian fashion designer Brunello Cucinelli this has always been the mainstay of his philosophy. Whether Italian poets, centuries-old culture, religion or art, Brunello Cucinelli sees his designs as part of a long history of striving for perfection. Aesthetics and style are the values that drive the fashion designer and philanthropist.

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  • Brunello Cucinelli Leather blouson light brown

  • Brunello Cucinelli Corduroy trousers 'Easy Fit' cream

  • Brunello Cucinelli Tassel loafers brown

  • Brunello Cucinelli Short sleeve knit polo shirt navy

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Fashion collectibles: product icons, individual pieces that fully represent the spirit of their brand. The one sweater, the cable-knit, the one jacket – each one a pars pro toto.

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  • MSGM Jacket black

  • MSGM Casual shirt grandad collar white

  • Tom Ford Sonnenbrille 'Renee' schwarz/grau

  • Ami Paris Wool shorts black

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(No usual) Business

It is those small, subtle, almost subversive revolutions that bring so much tension and humor into the business wardrobe. If the game with fashion puts a smile on your face, then it gets to the point. A poloshirt with a smart casual jacket, an oversized workwear shirt with smart chinos, pullover and shirt with a navy blazer.

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  • Sealup Linen pea coat white

  • Aida Barni Cashmere V-neck jumper smoky blue

  • Borrelli Business shirt 'Nando' shark collar navy/white striped

  • PT Torino Trousers 'Carrot Fit' khaki

  • Brunello Cucinelli Tassel loafers burgundy

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