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  • Gürtel dunkelblau
  • Gürtel dunkelblau
  • Gürtel dunkelblau
Gürtel dunkelblau Gürtel dunkelblau Gürtel dunkelblau

Gürtel dunkelblau



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Eleganter Gürtel von Santoni

Item number: 9310.76320


Schlichtes und zurückgenommenes Design macht diesen Gürtel von SANTONI zum Allround-Accessoire für alle Anlässe. Minimalistische Eleganz in Reinform, um Ihre Persönlichkeit - ob zu Jeans oder Anzug - stilvoll zu unterstreichen.

  • hochwertiges, gehärtetes Glattleder
  • silberglänzende Dornschließe aus Messing
  • kleines Emblem aus Metall hinter der Schließe
  • zwei gleichfarbige, lederne Schlaufen
  • Material: Glattleder, Messing

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  • Dimensions: B: 3,5 cm



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About the designer

Santoni – design, quality, craftsmanship, passion, luxury, and the desire for perfection. Santoni is renowned for these qualities and for his unusual creations in leather since 1975, and is regarded as one of the greats of his craft. Exclusive shoe fashion bearing the quality seal "Made in Italy". The Italian shoe artist Andrea Santoni never strays from his pride as a master of his craft and his natural flair for elegance. His hand-crafted shoes, exceptional shapes and structures, unique manufacturing processes and techniques make Santoni shoes part of the cultural heritage of Italian craftsmanship. The exclusively tanned and hand-dyed leather needs up to 20 days until it takes its final shape on the last. The manually applied patina is an unmistakable trademark of the brand, and an expression of the exclusivity of its products. A pair of Oxfords or slippers requires 600 individual stitches, which are all done by hand. During the polishing process, which can last for several days, the shoe will receive up to nine layers of colour. Santoni collections are available in selected boutiques around the globe, as well as in flagship stores in Milan, Rome, Torino, Capri, Cannes, St. Moritz, Tokyo, Beijing, Shanghai, and Moscow.
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