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Duft Sandalo-0


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Duft Sandalo-0

Item number: 9570.97487-0


Geheimnisvoll wie die Geschichte von „Jenseits von Afrika“. Ein Sommerregen, der warm und schwer auf den durstigen Boden prasselt. Rinde verbrannt um die Götter zu besänftigen. Eine viktorianische Mischung aus High Society und dem Herz des schwarzen Afrikas.

Alleen gesäumt mit Eukalyptusbäumen, Zedernholz zwischen Meer und Wüste.
Ein wenig weiter erwartet eine samtbraune Reisetasche die Verschiffung nach Kartum.

Das Sandelholz gibt diesem Duft einen warmen exotischen Unterton.

Er wirkt harmonisierend, regenerierend und beruhigt unseren Geist.

  • Contents: 100 ml
  • International sizes: one size

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About the designer

The ETRO Italian family business has represented luxury and high quality “Made in Italy” since its founding in 1968. Inspired by their many trips to India, Gimmo and Roberto Etro formed a small textile company in 1968, and created a one-of-a-kind fashion mix of different cultures from finest silk, cashmere, premium quality cotton, and pure linen. Their claim to fame came with the unusual colours and patterns that they developed. In 1983, the textile company became the fashion house ETRO. Stylish, luxurious, unusual – the Etro look is a mix of intense colours, glamorous fabrics, and ethnic elements from around the world. Typical for the brand is the paisley pattern that made the Italian label Etro famous around the world. Etro stands for lifestyle and offers men's fashion for any occasion – from classic business shirts and stylish accessories to elegant smart-casual jackets.
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